Hearing day to day about the water crisis and being conscious of every drop of water that we use is the new normal for Capetonians. Most of us have been implementing plans to curb our water usage to as little as possible, even though it seems there is not much one can do but pray for rain.

Firstly, know your limit. The City of Cape Town has requested with immediate effect that every household implements the following measures:

  • Cutting your water use to less than 87 litres, per person, per day;
  • Use municipal drinking water only for essential washing, cooking and drinking purposes, and only use indoors;
  • Check and fix all leaks on your property;
  • Limit household consumption to 20 kilolitres per month;

Should you wish to report any burst pipes, faulty meters and restriction offences, take note of the following channels provided by the City:

The City has also put other measures in place and it is good to be aware of the following:

Water Management Devices have been put in place for indigent households, but is also available to any household wishing to install same but subject to requirements.

Water Management Devices for Indigent households:

If your household qualifies, a water management device can assist you in the following ways:

  • The device helps you manage your water consumption and provides you with a daily allocation of free water (or a greater amount by agreement).
  • Qualifying indigent households are provided with an additional allocation of 4.5 kl water per month free of charge (in addition to the 6 kl allocation of free water provided to all households).
  • The device allows you to limit or completely avoid all water and sanitation charges.
  • Council will fix or replace all faulty plumbing in your house free of charge (once-off repairs).
  • Council will write off all your water and sewerage arrears – no limit (once-off).
  • Council will install the WMD free of charge.

Water Management Devices for Excessive usage

If a WMD is installed at your property due to excessive water usage, the following will apply:

  • You will have to pay for the installation of the WMD yourself.
  • You may be fined for any previous consumption in excess of any applicable water restriction consumption limits.

Water Management Devices for non-Indigent households:

You can still apply for a WMD if you do not live in an indigent household but please note the following conditions:

  • The City is currently prioritizing the roll-out of WMDs to indigent households and excessive water users.
  • You will have to pay for the installation of the WMD yourself.
  • The City will not fix your household water leaks for free or write off your water and sewerage arrears as is done for qualifying indigent households

Application for increase in water quota

For bigger families (More than 4 people) there is also the possibility to apply for an increase in water quota for your household. In order to do so there is a form available to be completed on the City of Cape Town website in which you are asked to motivate your request. You will also be required to list all members of your household. The form is the submitted to the City subject to approval.

In the meantime Capetonians lets stay positive and make limitation of water usage a way of life.

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